Monday, June 29, 2009

OhSoYes Radio- The Homeowner's Edition

This week, Host Elijah, purchased a home for him and his future wife. So, it is only fitting that he talks about was is presently going on with him. This week's episode is Elijah's own list of activities that he can't wait to do in his house. This week is a music heavy party for your ears and Elijah's accomplishment.
Gratzi Bitches!

He Don't Own me For Real- Skillz
Give up the Funk- Parliament
A New Day- EENJ
Talkin' Shyt- Wale Feat Bun B. and J.Cole
Life in Marvelous Times- Mos Def
I Wanna Know- The Foreign Exchange
5 O'Clock- The Perceptionists
Bring It On- Jay-Z
Millionaire- Musiq Soulchild
All Beats produced by: Sleaze, Junior Wong, Brad O., Just Plain Ant

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Monday, June 22, 2009

OhSoYes Radio- You Gots an Ugly Face Edition

This week Elijah tries to discuss a more serious topic, the standards of judgment between Dante Stallworth, Leonard Little and Michael Vick's crimes. Also, as you may have seen from the title, we'll also be talking about some celebs that have onion faces. No disrespect, but your ugly.

Rapper Big Pooh feat. Murs- Now (from Sleepers)
Jay Slim- Star (from The High Life)
Zo and Tigallo- Written all over your face (from Zo and Tigallo love the 80's)
Drake- The Best I Ever Had ***Side note: The Dirty Version ruins the song.
The Roots- Clock with no Hands (From Game Theory)
Chaundon feat. G.O.D, Sha Stimuli- We are Here (from Carnage)
Little Brother Feat Drake and Dwele- Don't You have a Man?
All beats produced by Junior Wong, Sleaze, Brad Oblivion and Just Plain Ant. Courtesy of Just Plain Sounds.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Episode 3- The Bad Dad Edition

In honor, well in dishonor, of father's day coming up this week Elijah talks about his favorite "Bad Dads" of all-time. He also vents a little bit about payment methods that are used on fathers day. We also take a trip back to when your father was runnin' round town, with some help from the funk era.

Parliament- P.Funk wants to get funked up
Marvin Gaye- Got to give it up
Jazzanova feat Phonte'- Look what you're doin to me
Just Plain Ant feat Brad Oh!blivion- In the Air
Little Brother feat Elzhi- Hiding Place
Earth, Wind and Fire- Lets Groove
Beat produced by Sleaze, Brad Oblivion, Junior Wong and Just Plain Ant

Monday, June 8, 2009

Episode 2- The Sexified Edition

OhSoYes Radio- Episode 2- The Sexified Edition.

This week Elijah talks about the upcoming Mos Def album and counts down the Top 5 celebrities that you'd like to see come out with a sex tape! Nakedness always excites the podcast.
Ms. Fat Booty- Mos Def
Good Food- Charlie Hilton Feat. Jay Slim, Brad Oh!Blivion & Sleaze
So Beautiful- Musiq Soulchild
It's Over- John Legend feat. Kanye West
Complexity- The Roots
Aqumeni- Outkast
Dillagence- Dilla Feat. Phonte'
All Beats produced by Just Plain Ant, Sleaze and Brad Oh!Blivion

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thanks Sleaze

I am waiting for the resident OhSoYes Radio graphic artist to get back from Peru to do the real Logo, but my man Sleaze stepped up and made this for the first episode. Gras.Tell everyone you know to come check out OhSoYes Radio. Next episode will be released on June 9th (Thats this tuesday!)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

OhSoYes Radio! We're Here

On our first show we welcome you to the world of OhSoYes Radio and give you the list of the Top Five All-Time Box office grossing actors (some surprises on that list). Also, the title track for the show is revealed! You can stream the show from here, or click on the player and you'll be able to download it to your iPod from threre. Thanks for listening.
Hope you enjoy the show, come back next week.
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Show Track List:
Beats by Sleaze, Brad Oh!Blivion and Just Plain Ant (Just Plain Sounds)
Runnin'- The Pharcyde
OhSoYes- Jay Slim feat. Brad Oh!Blivion
When did it stop- Sleaze
Candy- Little Brother feat. Bun B
He Say, She Say- Lupe Fiasco

Monday, June 1, 2009

One more day.

Tomorrow the first episode of OhSoYes Radio will be released. Come listen to host Elijah discuss the top-5 grossing actors of all-time. Special guest Jay Slim will stop by to talk about his new album "The High Life".
We're getting it in.