Thursday, August 27, 2009

OhSoYes Radio- I Was on Vacation Edition

Yo! We took a break for a few weeks, but OhSoYes Radio is back on the grind. The "I was on vacation" edition brings up those topics that were of notable newsworthiness (lol) in the past few weeks including: Michael Vick, Brett Favre and Nas. Plus, Elijah offers up a fun game on Facebook.
Elzhi- D.E.M.O.N.S.
Busta Rhymes- Everything Remains Raw
Busta Rhymes- It's a Party
Common- Come Close
John Legend- Heaven
The Roots- Dynamite!
All beats produced by Sleaze, Just Plain Ant and Junior Wong

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OhSoYes Radio- The Sandler Countdown

Yo, this week we are discussing our favorite Adam Sandler movies in honor of his upcoming movie "Funny People". As always I play some good jams and speak some good shit...holla at a playa, when you see him in the skreets!

The Roots Ft. Mos Def- Rising Down
Common Sense- Nuthin' to Do
Zion I- Doin' my Thang
The Roots ft. Mos Def- Double Trouble
The Fugees- Fu-gee-la
D.Folks- Jupiter
Alicia Keys- Jane Doe

All beats done by Just Plain Ant and Sleaze from Just Plain Sounds

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