Friday, April 29, 2011

Ohsoguest: The Foreign Exchange

This week on Ohsoyes Radio, Grammy-Nominated hip-hop/r&b/soul group, The Foreign Exchange will join us on the show to talk about creating thier music, touring and upcoming projects for Nicolay and Phonte!
We just saw them up in Falls Church and the show was off the hook! They will also be in Richmond, Va n May 22nd at Alley Katz. Get your tickets now! and yes the Ohsoyes Radio crew will be in there too... We're on the list. "No biggie, vasever" (bruno voice)
Here is their single "Maybe She'll Dream of Me".

Make sure you join us late Sunday night for the show or check it out during the week only here.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bonus Video: This is For the Hos

For those who don't know what this is. This is the future of hip-hop clubs. Terrible lyrics, Arm Jiggles, Backwards jerseys, eye tattoos and crazy jewelery will envade the VIPS and people will continue to pop bottles that they can't afford.

Oh wait, that is already happening.

This is for y'all... buncha hos!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Ohsoyes Radio- Zo! joins us!

Thank you for tuning into another week of Ohsoyes Radio. This week on the show we have a speacial guest, Musical musician (smh) Zo! We chop it up with Zo! about music, teaching public school and his possible baseball career.

Here is the video of the "Jake and the Skinny Guy" news stories:

We enjoyed getting calls from those who did. And a BIG THANK YOU to Zo! for taking time out of his busy schedule.

We got something to announce in a few days too... ;)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ohsoguest: Zo!

This week on Ohsoyes Radio, Piano-genius Zo! will join us on the phone as I ask him about upcoming projects and working for a public school in Washington D.C. His music has been played on Ohsoyes Radio, frequently, as well as songs that he's done work on.

Come have a listen and vibe out with us.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Ohsoyes Radio: Sleaze Live

This week on Ohsoyes Radio we have Richmond Producer/Rapper and all around awesome dude, Sleaze.

We talk about all kinda things this week on the show. Besides normal artist talk we delve into Nutty Bars, 4/20, Skillz the interrupting rapper and other things.

Here is a video our resident videographer took of Elijah, Jake and Sleaze choppin it up in the studio. Enjoy the banter!

Here is the track list for this weeks show.

Remember to hit us up during the show for requests and come see Sleaze, Gordy Michael and Ohbliv at The Camel in Richmond this Wednesday, 11-2am


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ohsoguest: Sleaze

This week on the show we have Richmond Producer/Rapper/Label Head, Sleaze. He is like a boistrous-loveable Rap monster. He'll be choppin it up with us for the entire show. So make sure you tune in... matter of fact, do your research on Sleaze. You wont be sorry.

For his latest:
and Greatest:
Ohsoyes Radio is growing, more to come very soon!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ohsoyes Radio- April 11th

Whats up er'body? (Nelly Voice)

Thanks for checking us out, this week on Ohsoyes Radio we bring you great music (like always, we talk funny stories and have one of the worst "Guilty Pleasure" songs.

Here is a video our "videographer" took last night when we weren't paying attention... hey, would you be doing anything else during that song? ..... Didn't think so.

Here is the Playlist for this week

Thanks for another great week, we have Sleaze on the show next week.....definatly tune into that

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ohsoyes Radio- Jake's Bday Show

So it was just Monday, which means that Ohsoyes Radio was on your radio dial. We hope you listened live, but in case you didn't, I got it for you right here!

This week we talked about how prous the City of Richmond is/was of the VCU Men's Basketball team, Gross things that someone found in a can of Monster, The Broad St Riots and the return of Bangz! ...Thats right, "Take you to da movies" Bangz.

We do not have any videos from this weeks show, so stop looking for one. lol. Sike heres the one we talked about on the show.

Here is the set-list from this week's show.

Monday, April 4, 2011

In Studio Update, Monster In A Monster!!

What up everyone! It's ya boy Jakealishus, Elijah and i are in the studio right now, just wanted to send out the link to the Monster in a Monster story we just taked about... whole lota nasty for you to check.. but for a whole lota funky freshness, you know where to go.. WRIR -LP 97.3 Richmond ..