Monday, May 30, 2011

Ohsoyes Radio- Memorial Day

So, this show got kinda wild. We we're doing everything normal, until, we started talkin about feet.... and from there on out the show took a million twists and turns. Hope you enjoy.
Listen to how Jake doesn't even know how to react when I start going off... if you don't laugh from Elijah singing, you'll laugh from Jake's awkward pauses. lol
But put this on while you celebrate your Memorial day week and listen to when we talk about our top-5 things about Memorial Day.

Here is a video from our "Jake and the Skinny Guy" news stories.

Here is the playlist for anyone that actually listens for the music.

Thank you.... and tune in next week too.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ohsoyes Radio- FE, JPS, and Us

On this weeks show we talk about our day of being famous in the cty of Richmond. First we sat in a watched the Foreign Exchange set up and do sound check and then stayed backstage for an incredible show. We chooped it up with Nicolay, Zo! and even skillz dropped by.
Then we headed to the JPS Loves JPN show at the camel and watched our people do their thang
Then we hit your dials.... here is the Setlist

Make sure you catch us next week, cuase we're still going to be really, really good

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ohsoyes Radio- I Got Murried Edition

Thank you for listening to another edition of Ohsoyes Radio, This week is the "I Got Murried" Edition, because... I did. We take you through some of the funnier moments from this past week and as always find ourselves ranting on air about things we thought we would not. ALSO, I found an Eggz Shaker in the studio and I do work! This week's set-list.

I could not find the embedded video of this, but here is the link. It is the video of me and my wife's first dance at our wedding this weekend. We enjoy getting FONKY.

BONUS VIDEO! This is what we watched during the show that had us dying.

Untitled from Pop Jolly on Vimeo.

Thanks for everything!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ohsoyes Radio- Mama Edition

With it being Mother's day and everything we dive into our supressed memories and talk about the most memorable time our mothers beat us. We also, stereotypically, play "Dear Mama" by tupac. But we also try and guess which news story is fake, I dig through my old mix cd's from when I was 16 and play some interesting cuts, The Lakers losing, When people like teams from citites other than their own, I reveal my Mother's Day observations from working in a restuarant and we discuss the origins of the song "Rump Shaker" in this weeks Cloud Thoughts.

Our Videographer got us doing the news stories this week. Hope you guys like the behind the scenes looks at Ohsoyes Radio! Here is the playlist from this week.

Thanks for rocking with us again. This weeks show is going to be a killer, stay tuned

Friday, May 6, 2011

JPS Loves Japan. Help Out!

Just Plain Sounds is planning a fundraiser benefit to help displaced citizens of the earthquake and tsunami ravaged country of Japan. Millions of citizens have been displaced, leaving them homeless as well as hopeless. While we know our contribution to their problems may be small in value, but we feel we need to pay it forward and help those less fortunate than ourselves. The event will take place at The Camel, at 1621 West Broad Street in Richmond Virginia on March 22nd 2010.

JPS has found an incredible relief fund through Global Giving [dot] org , that is collecting money to aid in relief and emergency services. The project has collected over $3 million dollars already and is well on its way to reaching its intended goal of $4 million. We would like to help their cause, and would love your help as well.

Here is a link to the relief funds' page on Global Giving, where you can get more information on the problem, as well as information on the project started to aid in this horrific situation:

Sunday May 22nd 2010 8pm - 2am

$5 Donation.

Hosted by The Honorable Sleaze & J. Dangles

Slated to perform:
Black Liquid & The New Juice Crew (RVA)
Ohbliv (JPS/Chocolate Milk)
Just Plain Ant ( JPS)
Drano (JPS)
Emphasys (Skurban Barz Ent. / RVA)
The Holik (RVA)
Nyce (Xklusiv Promotions / RVA)
Ghost World (JPS)
Gordy Michael (JPS)
Gym Carrie (RVA)
Prez (All Mindz Bonded / RVA)
Draztiq (JPS)
Charlotte Griffin (RVA)
(This is not a complete list, as acts are still being booked.)

This is an Ill line-up for onyl a 5$ donation. Get in here

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ohsoyes Radio- +FE Edition

First off, Sorry the show is posted so late, we had a flash drive problem and had to go a back way to get this audio for you.

This week on the show we have the grammy-nominated R&B group The Foreign Exchange on the phone with us, so make sure your tune in to hear our interview with the guys! We also talk about the greatest buzzkill phrase of all time, Cake boss conspiracy and for the first time, we discuss who's salty.

Also a reminder, The Foreign Exchange will be in Richmond on May 22nd at Alley Katz. The whole Ohsoyes Radio crew will be in attendance, so ccme and say "what up".