Monday, March 28, 2011

Ohsoyes Radio- Final Four Edition

We have been going insane! VCU is in the Final Four!

We still had to do our show and man was it a good one. We talk Final Four, funny stories and other things like Bacon Flavored know.

Here is a Video of us talking about VCU being in the final four.

For Real I cant keep enough focus to continue to post things right now...Im too geeked!
We'll have more for you all this week.

Thanks for Listening again,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Show tonight/ Go VCU

Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be funkin' up your airwaves tonight so get ready.

2ndly we'd like to wish the best of luck to VCU Rams vs Kansas today. Regardless we will be talkin college bball.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Video- Dunk Contest Meeting

Thanks for listening to the show this week. As always, we are trying to give you things to enjoy throughout the week from Ohsoyes Radio... This week is no different. So this is a video of our preproduction meeting for Ohsoyes Radio before the last show. We were so excited that VCU made it to the Sweet 16 that we didn't go to sleep, in stead we celebrated with a Dunk Contest....Enjoy!

...Speaking of VCU, this video got me hyped up all over again.

...and you might remember a few weeks ago, that we had a Richmond Rapper named Millz in the studio with us. Well, his mixtape just came out and here is the link for this great, local, free music.

Keep checkin the blog for new and exciting things.
Elijah and Jake

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ohsoyes Radio Sweet 16 edition

Ah ha. You know what it is/
You know how many teams left? 1-6!

This week on the show we played some good music...crazy huh? But more than just the good music we talk about VCU and Richmond making it all the way to the Sweet 16! We Talk a little bit about Nate Dogg being the father of T-Pain's career, and as always the stories of the week, our Guilty Pleasure and other awesomeness. This is our playlist for this week.

BTW Stayed tuned later this week for this weeks pre-production meeting.....which also happened to be a Dunk Contest in my garage.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bonus Video- Jake's Drink

Here is a bonus from this weeks show. We took an extra video of what Jake likes to drink during the Ohsoyes Radio Broadcast. This was never aired on the radio. It is strictly a video exclusive.


Be sure to join us this week. Mondays 3-6am on 97.3fm or at
and as always, ful episodes can be found monday afternoon and can be listened to forever.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Which Way to Main st/ Charlie Sheen

Here is our interview with (fake) Charlie Sheen and Jake's description of the craziness that happened to him right before he got into the studio. lol.

Thanks for checking us out. Remember full episodes are loaded on this site every week.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ohsoyes Radio 3/14/2011 Selection Monday Edition

Part 1 of the show:

This week on Ohsoyes Radio we tackle the brackets and talk a whole bunch of college basketball... Do me a favor though and stay off VCU's back, they got in, its over.
I broke up the show into 2 files this week, I figure that having to listen to the entire show in one sitting is kind of a TADA...its easier now!

Here is part two for all you lovely listeners:

Here is a video of Elijah, Jakealishus and Carter talkin about the brackets. Thanks again to Rian for recording another funny video.

Here is the track listing for the entire show this week. If you want us to play anything make sure you hit us up about it, you can do that on this blog, twitter @ohsoyes or email the show

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Selection Sunday is tomorrow

For those who follow College Basketball, you know what tomorrow is. For those who don't, tomorrow is Selection Sunday which is where all of the teams are notified who will be in the tournament.

With that going on 7 hours before this weeks Ohsoyes Radio show, thats what we'll be talking about this week. So expect good sports, great music and as always funny news stories and other shanagans.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Audio- Millz Interview

Here is the Millz interview from last weeks show. You can catch millz over at Make sure you tell him Ohsoyes Said What up!

BTW. This weeks show is going to be centered around NCAA Selection Sunday, so get your brackets ready!

Video- Gordy Michael In His Own Words

Ohosyes Radio isn't just about playing good music and making fun of funny things, we also want people to understand why music is so important to people. In our first effort to show that through artists profiles, we thought we'd introduce you to Gordy Michael.

Gordy Michael, who you may recognize as Jay Slim from Just Plain Sounds and EENJ, is a Richmond producer, who after his long days at work comes home and tries to create beauty.

We hope you enjoyed and feel like you got to know Gordy Michael.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ohsoyes Radio- 3/7/2011

Yeah Player!

We had another great show this morning, a great fake interview, a terrible sequence of events for Jake and Elijah makes fun of him the entire show. Some great news stories and, as always, great music.

Here is this weeks set-list in case you are trying to figure what "that song" was.

Here is a video from our interview with charlie sheen! too bad you cant hear his answers... lol. I'll post up an edited version with just the interview very soon.

Til next week...peace out